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Latest News
Interest Rate Cut December 2012

Santa Comes Early

The RBA gives a gift of another .25% rate cut before christmas.

Property Values on the Gold Coast and Brisbane lifted by 5% over this past year. Prompting one Market Analyist to say that the property market was the best it had been in years.

RP Data Senior Research Analyst Mr Kusher said while he was unwilling to forcast a recovery for the Gold Coast yet, there was pleanty of positive signs.

"Values have been falling on the Gold Coast for years and Finally they are showing signs of imporvement" He says

It is felt that the property prices in Brisbane will rise faster than that of the Gold Coast next year as Brisbane was hit with the huge decrease in the market after the terrible flooding occured a couple of years ago.

Rental Yields have risen by 4.3% for housing and 5.3% for units for the Brisbane and Gold Coast, this too showing a positive sign.

As the rental prices rise this will bring those tenants looking to buy,  find it better value as they can be paying off their own home. 

For the Land lords the tenants not looking to buy will be getting a better return of their investments.

Finally those with enough equity will be in a better position, and purchase an investment property with the higher returns, not seen for years, where you are actually positivly geared. As we have all learned negitive gearing a property is probably not the best choice.

We at Nerang Real Estate would like to Wish everyone a wonderful time over the Christmas break.  May Peace, Love and Prosperity follow you always.

Thank you for your support, and we are always here to help and support you with your future dreams, weather it be Renting a new house, purchasing an investment property, Selling and helping you move to a new place or buying your dream home.  We will always be here to support and help you. Thanks and all the Best for 2013